Self Esteem in Children

Self Esteem in Children

Building Confidence and Self Esteem in Children

There are two things that go hand in hand making who the person is today. These are confidence and self-esteem. If the person is unaware of one’s potential or what he or she can become, the term given to someone is a loser. Also those persons always in trouble or too lazy to try to better themselves or can’t hold a job are also considered as losers. Most of us, fortunately, don’t have to worry about that, but some do and some are on the borderline.

Nobody wants to be called a loser but unfortunately, there are a few in society. Some have probably fallen into that category simply because they seem to have no ambition. Others for various reasons seem to lack the confidence in themselves to try to do better than what they are doing or not doing, as the case may be.

This is the reason that self-esteem and confidence should be built from the ground up as a child. There will be challenges in life and someone who is able to get up again after falling down is what separates the men from the boys or the girls from the women.

If a child or teenager has done good job parents should complement the teen. The best way to accomplish that is by being very specific. An “A” for example on the report card can be displayed on the refrigerator. A medal or a trophy won in some competition of theirs can be placed in a frame or case. This is something the person can look at and reminisce about. It can serve as an impetus or driving force for future challenges.

The positive attitude one has can also serve as an inspiration to others. Parents can also teach the children to be optimistic about life despite the many setbacks which they may face or see others face. Studies have shown that this type of attitude strengthens one’s ability to do just about anything. That type of feeling is much better than feeling depressed.

Some people have it while others don’t. One of the many gifts that people have is individuality. Parents who have children who are fit should not tease or make fun of those who are fat. The same is true for mocking anyone that needs special needs. Just imagine how the person would feel if the situation was reversed.

The same thing goes when the teen is given a task. The parents can show signs of disapproval in a better way by explaining that it needs more improvement instead of striking the person down which will later develop signs of anger and resentment. This is sometimes hard to do, especially if the parent gets angry, but it’s a better way to treat such a situation.

It is one thing to give praise in front of the child. It is another to say something different from others. There must be consistency. No one has the perfect son or daughter at home. However, there is always a better way of expressing one’s feelings without hurting the child, whether it is your child or someone else’s.

A lot of people believe that our youth are the future. If this is so, parents, teachers, and friends should do more than just pay lip service to build confidence and self-esteem. They need to lead by example. If a child does gain confidence and has high self-esteem they will be more likely to be successful in life.

Parents should be more active by participating in things that the child enjoys. Students not doing good in school should be given more attention than those who are can do it without assistance. Friends should be more understanding.

Friends, parents, and other adults, all of these people play a significant role in a young person’s development. If your child can “hang around” with the right crowd it will really help in the long term.

Life is a gamble. No one knows how it will turn out for any individual. Yes, some will have it much easier than others, but there are winners and losers. With self-esteem comes confidence. That is something that can never be read in any book or gained by watching TV or listening to the latest downloaded MP3 song. It is something that is taught and instilled in the minds of our youth. Treat them with respect and learn to keep your temper at bay when they do something you don’t approve of. It can make a difference, for the good, and you will have an important part in it.

Self Esteem in Children

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